Material Choice

What material should I use?


PVC & Polyprop

Durable non toxic materials with high impact resistance.  These materials do not rot, need no maintenance and self extinguish giving a good fire rating.  Our semi rigid PVC has a 0.7mm thickness, which is used as standard for our smaller items.  Polyprop is 1.2mm in thickness, adding more strength for our larger products in the range.


Self Adhesive Vinyl

A versatile inexpensive material suitable for indoor or outdoor applications.  This material is quick and easy to apply to any clean, dust free surface.



A recyclable material which doesn't rust, ideal for outdoor use and is available in a range of thicknesses and sizes.  It can be welded, shaped and folded to suit a wide range of applications.  This material is powder coated to industry standard RAL reference colours.


Aluminium Composite

A flat sandwich material that consists of two thick aluminium sheets bonded to a non-aluminium core.  Ideal for internal and external use, this doesn't bend or distort unlike acrylic and PVC.  This is one of the most popular materials used in sign making.  Available in a range of colours and finishes (including mirror and brushed metals).


Photoluminescent Fire

When a power failure occurs these signs emit a bright glow to ensure safe evacuation from a premises and help identify apparatus  to fight fires and save lives.  The glow from these signs can last for several hours self charging the particles with natural or artificial light exposure.  *Conforms to BS EN ISO 7010:2013 *No wiring or power connection required.