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Provide clear and informative instructions for your workplace or establishment using signs from this range. From displaying the functin/use of an object, to identifying a location this range will ensure you communicate effectively. All use a plain readable typeface, combined with an easily identifiable symbol. If you are unable to find what you are looking for give us a call - we can manufacture the sign to your own specific requirements.

* Provide clear informative instructions
* Display in the workplace
* Design you own sign

Which material should I use?
PVC - PVC & Polyprop – Durable non-toxic materials with high impact resistance. These materials do not rot, need no maintenance and self-extinguish giving a good fire rating. Our semi-rigid PVC has a 0.7mm thickness, which is used as standard for our smaller items. Polyprop is 1.2mm in thickness, adding more strength for our larger products in the range.
SAV - Self Adhesive Vinyl - A versatile inexpensive material suitable for indoor or outdoor applications. This material is quick and easy to apply to any clean, dust free surface.

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