Warning Floor-level obstacle - Symbol sticker sheet

SKU W2251

6 identical symbols per A4 sheet. 

Each sticker on the sheet is circular cut for easy peel with a self adhesive backing - size 80 x 80 mm.



Keep a safe working environment by selecting from our hazard warning range. Displaying the correct signage will identify potential dangers and minimise accidents in your business or establishment. These can also be supplied to suit individual requirements

* Highlight potential dangers / hazards
* Reinforce safety requirements
* Conforms to British and European standards ISO7010

Hazard Warning signs indicate exposure to, or an approaching hazard that may risk injury or cause danger.

* Colour – Black triangular band with yellow background
*Symbol – Black symbol on yellow background

SAV - Self Adhesive Vinyl - A versatile inexpensive material suitable for indoor or outdoor applications. This material is quick and easy to apply to any clean, dust free surface.

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